What is a Paid Online Survey?

Around the globe, there are companies that manufacture goods, that sell goods and those that serve consumers in a virtual aspect. Some example of product companies could be soft drink manufacturer, Snack Manufacturer, Automobile and Mobile phone manufacturers. Some Service based companies are like Cell phone Service providers, Internet companies, Banks, Plumbers, Painters etc.

While all these companies have something to sell and make money, they are completely not sure what their consumers want/need or Like. So, they want to understand better about the interests of their consumers. Once they learn about the interests, they can customise their products and services accordingly and thereby sell more.

In order to know the interests of their consumers, they reach companies like Opinion Decode to get some help in getting opinion from consumers. We send you Online Surveys with questions that our clients want to get answers. You spend your valuable time on such Online Paid Surveys and give our clients the required information.

Since we help our clients in gaining knowledge from their consumers, they pay us. Since you spend your valuable time and knowledge with us, we pay you as well. This is how Paid Survey job websites are able to pay Survey takers like you. So, Online Paid Surveys are not scam in real.

But, you need to be aware that some illegal websites take advantage of this opportunity and spam you/Scam you. So, Do join paid survey websites that are registered with Government of India and are really paying.

Hope you got some good idea about paid Survey jobs. Read through our other articles so you can gain more information about the paid survey industry.

How to get more Online surveys?

You get this question often when you have successfully signed up with a paid survey company and not receiving many surveys to your email. You think that the company is not sending surveys to any of the members. Well, YOU ARE WRONG! You can get more surveys and become eligible to complete more surveys by doing some simple things.

When you signup, DO NOT provide fake details. Provide your correct details including your gender, age, Occupation, company, region etc. Since Online Paid surveys are sent to almost all the age and gender categories and profile types, when you fake your profile, you might not get what you usually get for your actual profile.

When you provide your correct details, you are also making sure that when you receive a survey for your profile, you can become 100% eligible for it and also complete it with ease. So, BE YOURSELF.

Next Point is to provide as many details as possible about you in the profiler section. This includes your gaming profile, income range, automobile assets, real estate assets, electronics you own and so on. When you attend more profiler surveys, you get more and more surveys related all these. When you have only a generic profile and not completed the profiler surveys, you will get only those surveys which are based on age and gender. So, FURNISH MORE PROFILER INFORMATION

Choose the languages that you know. Some people try surveys in other languages. Since you can't translate and understand all languages, you might end up taking more time on the survey than usual duration. When you take such a long duration on any survey, the system might mark you as a fraudulent user. So, Take Surveys only in the language you know.

Be Patient. When you get screend out on many surveys, it means that the survey is not meant for your profile. This also means that there will be surveys targeting you in the future. So, KEEP PARTICIPATING as many surveys as possible.

Login every day to see if you have any surveys. Check your mail daily to know if you have any survey invitations. When you don't check the mail or login daily, other users will complete that surveys sooner and you might not get a chance to complete the survey. So, LOG IN DAILY

Paid Online Surveys in India: How to Spot Genuine Websites

In the bustling online world of India, paid online surveys have become a popular means for individuals to earn extra income conveniently. Companies and market research firms value the opinions of Indian consumers, and this has led to numerous opportunities to participate in paid surveys. However, with the rise in demand for such opportunities, fraudulent websites have also emerged, preying on unsuspecting individuals. To help you navigate this landscape safely, we have compiled a comprehensive guide on how to identify genuine paid online survey websites in India.

Thorough Research is Key:

When venturing into the world of paid online surveys in India, research is your best friend. Look for platforms with a strong online presence and positive reviews from Indian users who have successfully earned money through surveys. Utilize reputable review sites, forums, and social media platforms to gather insights and identify trustworthy survey websites..

Seek Transparent Websites:

Legitimate paid online survey websites in India prioritize transparency. They provide clear contact information, including an email address and accessible customer support. Websites that openly share their company details and welcome inquiries are more likely to be genuine.

Avoid Upfront Fees:

Reputable paid online survey websites in India do not charge any upfront fees for registration or survey participation. Their income is generated through partnerships with businesses and researchers who pay for the valuable insights gathered from survey takers. Stay cautious of any platform requesting payment before you can start taking surveys, as this is often indicative of a scam.

Steer Clear of Unrealistic Promises:

If a paid online survey website in India promises extravagant earnings with minimal effort, it's likely too good to be true. While surveys can provide a decent supplementary income, they are not a shortcut to great wealth. Trustworthy platforms will set realistic expectations about potential earnings and the time required to complete surveys.

Evaluate User Interface and Design:

Genuine survey websites invest in user-friendly interfaces and professional designs. A well-designed website with a seamless user experience indicates credibility and professionalism. Conversely, poorly designed websites with broken links and inconsistent layouts may signal an untrustworthy platform.

Payment Methods:

Legitimate survey websites in India offer secure and transparent payment methods. Popular options include PayPal, gift cards, and direct bank transfers. Verify that the payment methods offered are reputable and suitable for your needs. Be wary of websites with unconventional or ambiguous payment methods.