Q.No.1: What is a Paid Survey? Why do you pay members for taking a Survey?

That's the first and foremost useful question you should ask about the concept of Paid online surveys. Answer is: Companies who make products or sell their services to consumers like you, wants to know about the real opinion of consumers about their products or services. This will help them in developing a better product/service in the future. So, if they want to collect such real opinion, they come to us. We collect such data from you and supply it to them. We are not working free. So, we take money from them. Since it's your opinion that is helping us make money, we pay you a part of the income as incentives/rewards. So, Concept of Paid Online Survey jobs is real. You get paid not for free but for your valuable opinion.

Q.No.2: How much will I earn from Online Survey Job?

Even though it is widely called as Online Paid Survey job, it is not a real job. It is a part-time/leisure activity that can earn some money for you but it can not be treated as a full-time job. So, Please treat Online Survey Jobs as part-time income and not a full-time opportunity. How much you will earn is a lot dependent on how many surveys are available for your profile, how many you participate in, How many you complete etc. So, Join us and attend as many surveys as possible so you can earn more money through online surveys without any investment at all.

Q.No.3: What is the eligibility to join your paid survey website?

You have to be an Indian Citizen and aged atleast 18 years of age.

Q.No.4: What do i need to take part in an Online Survey Job?

All you need is a computer or Laptop or a mobile phone with Internet Connectivity. Important thing to participate in paid survey jobs is the time to spend on the surveys and your knowledge/opinion.

Q.No.5: I am not getting many surveys. Why?

That's because you have not completed your profiler surveys completely OR we don't have many surveys suitable to your particular profile at this point. Don't worry - There are surveys being added for all the profile of people like you.

Q.No.6: I get surveys but I get terminated as not eligible. Why?

Please note that when a survey link is sent out to you, the same survey link is being sent to thousands of other users like you also. Whoever takes the survey first completes first. So, keep checking your mails and login every day without fail to make yourself eligible for paid surveys. Also, some surveys require more accurate people to complete. So, we might run a small screener survey to know if you are suitable for the main survey. In some cases if you are not teh right person for the main survey, you might get terminated as well. So, please keep participating in more surveys to become eligible and complete more Online Surveys.

Q.No.7: How long does it take to receive the rewards after applying for withdrawal/redemption?

It usually takes about a week or two to settle your rewards earned through paid survey jobs. If it takes more than a week, please reach us through the contact us form.